Searching folders and folder subscriptions in Files

The Kolab’s file storage component, named Chwala, from the beginning listed all folders of type ‘file’ available to the user. The subscription state of a folder was ignored. This changed today. From now on Chwala API returns only subscribed folders, the same as other components.

Of course, user is able to subscribe or unsubscribe a folder. Together with this folder filtering and searching has been implemented. So, you can now quickly filter displayed folders (which is useful when you have many of them). You can also search for unsubscribed folders and subscribe them (i.e. add to the permanent folders list). The search is smart enough to search by folder name and user name, so searching in other users namespace also works.

Key-press filtering is implemented “in the browser” so it works fast. To search unsubscribed folders (server-side) you have to press Enter key. Exactly the same as folder search in other components.

Figure 1. Folders list with the new header and search icon.
search folders - step 1
Figure 2. Searching for unsubscribed folders.
search folders - step 2
Figure 3. Subscribed folder added to the list.
search folders - step 3

For the moment it only works with Kolab storage. Other storage drivers supported by Chwala, i.e. WebDAV and SeaFile do not support subscriptions. In the future we may implement this as well.

2 thoughts on “Searching folders and folder subscriptions in Files

    1. These greyed out folders are needed to display folders hierarchy. So, they will not be hidden, until they are not subscribed and do not contain any subscribed subfolders.


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