Some Roundcube UI improvements on Files

Recently I implemented a couple of improvements that are related with files storage. It’s better access rights support and storage integration with more components.

Add attachments “from cloud”

It was already possible to attach files from file storage in email compose page. Now you can also get files “from cloud” in event and task creation/editing forms.

Figure 1. “From cloud” button in event dialog.


Read-only folders

As for now the user interface where folders from file storage were used wasn’t aware of folder access rights. Now it’s changed. Chwala API provides information about access rights. So, the folders list displays a locker icon for read-only folders. Also, when you use “Save to cloud” feature, the list will contain a list of writable folders only. Additionally, any write operations (like file upload, delete or move) are prevented by the UI, which means e.g. some buttons are inactive in read-only folders.

Figure 1. “From cloud” button in event dialog.