Document editing sessions overview

Here‘s an addition to the collaborative editing functionality implemented in Kolab 16. As I described here editing sessions are managed by Chwala. You can notice existence of a session on the files list. The new feature allows you to see all ongoing sessions in one place.

We added a new entry (Sessions) in the folders list on the left. This gives you a list of all ongoing sessions you created or you were invited to, but also all sessions of other users on files you have access to.

Ongoing session in this context means non-terminated session. So, we don’t really check if there’s any editing window open for specified sessions as it’s not possible (Manticore won’t give you access to sessions you didn’t create or you wasn’t invited to).


Double-click on the session record will display a dialog with options to Open, Close, Join or Request an invitation to the session depending on its state and ownership.