It’s not a secret that I’m working on a new Roundcube theme. It’s supposed to provide a responsive interface for desktop, tables and phones. With help of Thomas Bruederli, who provided some early mockups and John Jackson, who provided some design ideas, and a few other helping hands, after nine months of work it’s starting to look close to what I’ve imagined.

We choose to base it on Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Hopefully Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome 5 will be available and stable soon, so the “framework” is up to date with recent standards and gives us a pretty and usable user interface.

The theme is not ready yet. I wouldn’t even call it a beta. As for now I’ve been focusing on general layout and navigation. There’s still a lot to do especially on details. I encourage everyone to give it a try and create tickets for bugs on github. As I’m mostly working on this alone, any help from developers or graphic and UX designers will be greatly appreciated.

KolabNow customers can already test the theme live, thanks to KolabNow Beta Programme. And here’s a few screenshots for everyone else.



And here’s how it looks like on a phone.



2 thoughts on “Elastic

  1. This theme makes webmail so much more enjoyable to use.

    Its main use case for me now is using Kolab Now (my personal email account) at work. I don’t feel comfortable adding a personal account to a work desktop (via IMAP/ActiveSync) for security reasons even though I have authority to do so. 2FA will further provide me with peace of mind from tomorrow but that’s off topic.

    Its second use case is currently on my mobile device where IMAP is now broken with Kolab Now, so it is currently doing a good job of filling the gap.

    Keep up the excellent work on this, I also love using it in split screen mode on my Mac, so I can keep an eye out for incoming mails whilst watching a video etc.

    Thomas B. mentioned that this is a separate project to your work at Kolab, if I understand correctly. Are they contributing towards your work on this at all and is this separate to the responsibilities you have at Kolab?

    I presume donations sent to Roundcube would help to enhance the work on this great skin, and I hope it will become your responsibility to refactor the Kolab plugins to Roundcube like Tasks, Calendar, Notes etc so that they fit within Elastic. If Elastic was to become the default Kolab web-client by mid-next year this would be a huge leap for Kolab – so I hope to see more resources plugged here.

    Enjoy your Sunday



    1. Kolab Systems is sponsoring this by allowing me to work on this in part of my work time. And yes, probably I’ll be the one to update Kolab plugins after we have core features finished.


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