Elastic: Core functionality covered

Still in a need of a graphic designer! I’m finishing work on core functionality for the new Roundcube theme. Almost all of the current functionality as of now is implemented in Elastic, including core plugins. In this post I’m providing information about some recent updates (with some sreenshots).

Yesterday I finished the quota widget. And now I can say that all functionality and widgets that we currently have in Roundcube are implemented. If I missed something this is a bug. This could be called a Beta, but there’s still a lot of work needed to polish the design and improve some graphics.


There are also some questions about user experience. Some first beta testers like it, but because designing mobile/touch interface is quite new for me, I’m sure there’s a lot of place for improvement. Fortunately we have a group of students that right now is doing some study on Elastic usability. I hope to get some extended feedback that will make the theme even better.

Very recently I also worked on many small elements in the mail preview, but really I need a designer. Here’s how the mail preview looks like right now. I also made use of Less in plugins simpler.


In parallel I’m now working on Kolab plugins. There’s a lot of them and some are really complex, e.g. Files or Calendar. It will cost a lot of time. Probably not much less than it took me to implement the core functionality. I really want these plugins to provide a much more unified interface than it is now, so there will be changes in the backend code that would have to still work with Larry.

For now, Activesync, Delegation, Multi-Factor Authentication and Addressbook functionality is ported.



6 thoughts on “Elastic: Core functionality covered

  1. Love this so far – been using in split screen mode on iPad.

    This will make Roundcube the client I use on my iPhone and iPad and Kube on desktop once developed.

    So far, the only issue I face is that it is difficult to scroll within the message text box on iPhone – hope this can be fixed. This makes it difficult to dend messages before checked.

    Really hope this will make there’ll be some lessons will pave the way for Roundcube next when development resumes in regards to responsiveness but in the meantime this is miles better.

    If Giles is the Kolab graphic designer surely he could help out? This will absolutely benefit Kolab Now and boost the service and May increase user base and profits


  2. Hi Alec,

    I am a roundcube user on most of my domains. Also, a team member of WikiSuite.org and my domain is branding, design and user experience. The new design looks pretty modern and flexible from what I can see in the screenshots. How can I get access and help you test it? A good interface and design can really help users work with Roundcube.


  3. Are we going to see CloudSuite integration as one of the Kolab plugins?

    I wonder if this will mean CloudSuite might become mobile/tablet optimised too


    1. CloudSuite support is already part of kolab_files plugin. So, yes, it will be ported to Elastic at some point. How the CloudSuite interface works on mobile is another story I don’t know. yet.


      1. That’d be awesome – I’ve seen screenshots of CloudSuite on Mobile, so if it comes eventually it would be amazing.

        Here comes Kolab Now – the Google Apps killer without the ads and selling of my data :)

        It is also noteworthy that in Roundcube you can change the Folders of (Sent/Drafts/Trash/Archive) – shouldn’t these be grabbed from RFC 6154 (Special-Use) so that the user cannot tamper with these and not renane, or more worryingly delete them. This will also helps on non-Kolab aware clients, namely Mail.app on OS X where you have to manually map the individual mail folders and also iOS mail where Apple don’t allow you to specify Spam folders. Having this enforced on the serverside makes for a smoother setup experience, also Thunderbird relies on this too as it doesn’t map the Spam/Archive folder but appears to be relying on the names of the folders.


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