Elastic: FA5, context menu and other stuff

FontAwesome 5.0 has been released recently. It provides icons that are more unified (and imho, slightly prettier) than the old version we used. So, I updated immediately. Also we have some other new stuff…

Thanks to Philip Weir his context menu plugin (from git-master) already supports Elastic skin. We’re testing it on KolabNow‘s beta now. On the screenshot below you can also notice that checkbox selection is now hidden by default. You have to click the hand icon in list navigation bar, to get to the checkbox selection. This way we have more precious space on the list and it just looks better.

I also moved Refresh button to the list footer which is more sensible place for it (and it will be easily accessible on mobile).


I spent quite a significant amount of time to fix iframe scrolling issues on mobile. This was really an annoying experience. iOS and Android have different ideas about scrolling and iframes. Hopefully, this is fixed now. You should be able to scroll. Still sometimes the scrollbar is not displayed in some cases, so it might require some more work.

One additional feature (for phones only) is floating action button for most common action, i.e. creating new items. It’s normally hidden in the toolbar menu. Now it floats at the bottom of the list. Other images below present one of the menus and (spinning) iframe loader (here for the About dialog).


And here’s the tablet version.



2 thoughts on “Elastic: FA5, context menu and other stuff

  1. Loving this, and far more beautiful than the current Roundcube which isn’t mobile-friendly at all!

    It’s also a wonder what user testing can do – some really helpful bugs like deleting of mails not going to trash have come to light (I can see from Phabricator)..

    Any plans to expand this software testing to other components – maybe the Cockpit, and also client-facing protocols (IMAP, CalDAV/CardDAV) to which clients connect to Kolab.

    By doing this, bugs come into the open and step by step Kolab gets stronger and better.


  2. Could one day Kolab Roundcube plugins be updated to use CalDAV/CardDAV (or any other means not requiring groupware folders) to access Kolab data instead of storing everything in IMAP folders?

    Though it would represent a lot of work, Kolab Server is probably due an overhaul and should be “consolidated” once and for all to use more of what Cyrus IMAP already has as native, get rid of the groupware folders once and for all! Kube will be using IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV rather than the old-fashioned way of doing things which is a big step in the right direction!

    Then focus can be on adding value, with things like Syncroton, CloudSuite integration, Kolab Chat and real innovations.

    You then also don’t need to worry about things like GUAM which require so much effort and can sail forward streamlined and still not running on Kolab Now (production). Layering a JMAP Proxy on top of GUAM doesn’t sound like the most efficient way of doing tihngs either.

    Great work on Elastic, I’m sure many lessons learnt here will pave the way for a smoother Roundcube Next, and that Alec wil make for a good mentor to whoever Kolab hire, if things don’t change and you don’t end up getting directly involved because of your wizardry!


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