Elastic: Kolab Notes

Last few weeks I was working on porting Kolab Notes plugin to Elastic. I wanted to see how it goes with some more serious chunk of our code base before I put my hands on Calendar, Tasks or Files. It was reasonably smooth, see the result…

It took more time than I initially planned mostly because there was some refactoring needed. To get UI consistence across all plugins I had to unify use of tagging functionality. So, now all tag related functionality is managed by Kolab Tags plugin.

In the result we have not only the same look on tags list in Mail and Notes. The behavior is also the same (with small exceptions that might be considered for even more unification later). On the code level it’s more centralized (less code redundancy). Porting of Tasks to Elastic should be much more simple now.


And a look on the mobile version as usual…


There’s one thing left – drag’n’drop of tags. It used to work in Notes (but not Mail). So, I’m now going to implement this feature (maybe for Mail too). And after some polishing, it should be available on KolabNow Beta next week.


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