Elastic: Image tools and more bugfixes

Here’s a short review of recent changes in the Elastic skin. I ported the code to the first stable release of Bootstrap 4 and fixed some bugs. There’s also a new Roundcube feature.

It’s been a while since the last update of Bootstrap in Elastic, so it wasn’t a surprise that there were many regressions. It’s now fixed and we’re using a stable framework. Another milestone reached, yay!

I also fixed many smaller issues and improved colors in UI messages and taskmenu.


The new feature in Roundcube is a possibility to scale and rotate the previewed image attached to an email. You will notice additional buttons in the toolbar.


As I’ve got now an iOS device for a daily use, I spend some time on fixing all reported iOS-specific issues. Also the main application menu look and feel is consistent with other menus now. Finally, the image tools are also available in the mobile mode.



3 thoughts on “Elastic: Image tools and more bugfixes

  1. This is really looking good.

    We are more than half way there, we just need Calendar, Tasks and Files.

    Were you able to find a graphic designer and do you still need one? Perhaps Giles Vincent can help if he still works for Kolab?


  2. Kolab should be able to at least supply a graphic designer.

    It is in their best interest to have Elastic up and running as the default webclient supplied with Kolab Enterprise asap, nevertheless it only acts as a stopgap measure when the likes of GMAIL, FASTMAIL etc are all able to provide realtime updates to email without the need for refresh, then they are only kidding themselves.

    Jeroen, if you are reading this, stop being stingy and pay up for a graphic designer and get your act together with Roundcube Next – enough taking the piss.


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