Elastic: Kolab Tasks

Tasks (tasklist) plugin was next on my list of Kolab plugins to add support for the Elastic skin. It took slightly more time than I expected, but it is because I worked on the Calendar in the same time. It’s because both plugins use the same (or similar) user interface elements.

So, there was some refactoring and de-duplication involved on the code side. From a user perspective the most noticeable change is use of 3-column view. While you still likely going to see two columns in Calendar and Files, I think this is better for Tasks and makes the interface more consistent with the rest.


This is the first iteration and nothing is set in stone (like e.g. the tasks list filter), but I’m pretty happy with the result. If you take a look at Notes you’ll notice the UI there looks almost the same. You know, I focus on “responsive and consistent” now.


I see some places for improvement especially in the mobile mode. E.g. some buttons have been removed from the tasks list that later will need equivalent entries in the menu. Also, operations (like flagging and deleting) on multiple tasks would be nice to have. A high number of buttons on the folders list also calls for some changes.


This is now available for KolabNow users via the beta programme. Next is the Calendar with its own challenges. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Elastic: Kolab Tasks

  1. Looks already very promising. Do you know when Elastic is being rolled out to the stable version of Roundcube?


    1. Elastic is already in git-master. 1.4-beta is planned for May and stable release around 3 months later.


  2. So we might see Elastic running in production on Kolab Now by around August? If so that’ll be a milestone, in addition to Kube which is by far one of the best mail clients I’ve used..


    1. All plugins should be done around May and available via KolabNow beta programme. Then I expect some more UX improvements, bugfixes and white-labelling in comming months. So, maybe August, but I don’t know the precise timeline for production deployment.


      1. So far it makes things on mobile
        (iPhone X) much more usable and better on the desktop too.

        I’m hoping with this running in production, it will give allow Kolab to maintain this and hopefully we will see an Alpha Roundcube Next, which can do stuff like swipe gestures, real-time updates, etc. Do you have any news on what Kolab are up to in this respect? It can’t be too long now surely


  3. Liking the efforts on Elastic, so far.

    It’s a great skin, but somehow can’t help feel that it is mobile-first and desktop.

    For instance, you can’t resize columns and also the textbox doesn’t expand to fit the full screen in the composer.

    Don’t get me wrong, the experience is still very nice on the desktop, but the impression remains that it’s somewhat of a mobile client on a desktop.

    Hope this make sense and is constructive.


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