Elastic: Calendar

Two weeks ago I presented you the Tasks plugin on Elastic. 40KB of css code later I present to you the Calendar plugin. It involved also some refactorings and improvements in php/javascript code for better unification.

Just take a look at some screenshots. KolabNow users can test this live via the beta programme.


Here the month view…


… and some dialogs (yup, some are quite complex).


This is the first iteration, so especially on mobile we still need some UX improvements, I guess. Though even now, you can do everything you could in the desktop mode, there’s no removed features.



2 thoughts on “Elastic: Calendar

  1. Brilliant – so all left now is files and then UI tweaking and enhancements?

    Been watching the Ux feedback on. Kolab Phabricator, some of the items raised there are exceptionally valid, for instance – replies should be placed above the quote via default and replies should be moved straight to trash. When can we expect to see these bugs squashed in Kolab?

    At the moment using Kube with my Kolab Now account as a daily driver with Elastic on mobile devices.

    Keep up the great work. Is there any chance of adding imap-idle support to Roundcube?


  2. To clarify, I meant the bug which means by default deleted messages don’t end up in trash.


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