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Kolab Files is a plugin that extends Roundcube with file storage and document editing functionalities. In this post I’ll show you how it looks like with the new Roundcube’s Elastic skin.

I tried to do the switch with possibly smallest number of plugin code modifications and with exception to the mobile mode it was pretty straightforward work. Of course, we could ask ourselves again if e.g. 3-column view for files would make sense? Maybe for images, but document editing is more space hungry.

Such deliberation wasn’t part of this iteration so there’s not many fundamental behavior changes in what we used until now. We stay with using new windows (dialogs in mobile mode) for file preview. However, I see a potential for many UX improvements in the future.


The plugin adds widgets to save mail attachments to the storage or attach them from it. On the next screenshot you can see the file selector dialog for mail composer.


Document editing is implemented by integration with Collabora Online software. It’s LibreOffice under the hood. With Kolab you can share and edit documents (presentations, spreadsheets, etc.) collaboratively with other users.


The mobile mode involved some new code, but with having a few months experience with porting other plugins, I can say it was easy. Some bugs in skin core were found and fixed, though. Except the usual dialog and menus alignments we have new Copy/Move menu actions (one can’t just drag file on a phone because the folders list is hidden).

As you can see also document editing is mobile-friendly, though we didn’t do extensive usability tests for Collabora Online on mobile yet.


Now I plan to work on skin extending and creation of skin derivatives (variants). Also, as we now have our designer Giles Vincent working on the skin graphical and UX improvements, expect some work in this area. First drafts look very promising, though it’s not yet clear how much of this will go to the Elastic core and how much will become the Kolab skin.


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  1. Can’t get cloudsuite running on Elastic, but besides that all good!!

    Cool that Giles is now helping out, hopefully this means Roundcube Next things coming soon…


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