Elastic: Pretty selects and design updates

Short information about progress in Elastic skin and some news from the UX/design field.

Yes, there are some fine javascript libraries implementing SELECT element replacement in the Internet. However, they implement a lot of functionality we don’t need. Because we use Bootstrap we don’t need a lot of new css code too. All of these libraries also add a div overlay on top of SELECT, which will not work in all cases. So instead, I implemented something simple.

The idea behind it was to have a nice-looking and consistent (across browsers) selection lists. Here’s how it looked before (left) and how it looks now (right) in Firefox browser.


One problem is that it have to be disabled on iPad/iPhone for now. Safari on mobile displays built-in widgets when you focus a SELECT element. I didn’t find a way to replace it with my custom dropdown.

Other good news is that recently I started working with Giles Vincent, the designer you may know from the old Kolab’s Chameleon skin. He proposed quite a lot of graphic and UI structure improvements. It looks that it may delay the beta release a little bit, but we should get something really polished. Here’s the re-designed messages list toolbars and search widget.



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