Folder sharing in Files

Kolab_files plugin adds “cloud” storage to Roundcube. It uses Kolab’s storage abstraction service called Chwala, which aside of Kolab storage supports also Seafile and WebDAV. Because it’s a different API we couldn’t just use the existing ACL plugin which operates on IMAP only.

There’s been a few changes on Chwala side, but let’s just take a look at the user interface. The folders list menu has been extended with the Share folder item.


That action opens a dialog with simplified access control management. For now it supports Kolab and Seafile drivers. When used on a Seafile folder/library it additionally allows for download/upload link management.


User and group auto-completion has been also implemented. Depending on the storage source you use it on, the search will be executed on the specified source. For example, when you manage Seafile folder permissions it will not suggest users/groups existing in other sources e.g. Kolab, but only these existing in Seafile.