Password plugin improvements

Thanks to work of Philip Weir (johndoh) Roundcube’s password plugin received a few new features. Philip is Roundcube contributor and author of some nice plugins, e.g. contextmenu, sauserprefs, swipe, but let’s see what’s new in Password.

The plugin internal driver API has been extended with:

  • possibility to override default password comparisons
  • possibility to override default strength checks
  • possibility to define password strength rules displayed to the user
  • possibility to add password strength checking drivers.

Additionally, a new ‘zxcvbn’ driver has been added with extended password strength checking capabilities.


So, a nice progress. We still have some improvements waiting for implementation:

  • Disallow the use of the same password more than once
  • More strength checking drivers, e.g. ldap password policy, api, cracklib-check, etc.
  • Visual password strength indication with onkeypress checking.

One thought on “Password plugin improvements

  1. Awesome. Is this coming to Kolab Now soon?

    In addition, it would be nice to see the concept of a ‘session’ within Roundcube, such that a login is persistent for a certain length of toe, rather than the need to keep relogging in to Kolab Now every time

    Can this be achieved?


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