Markasjunk and Markasjunk2 plugins merged

Very recently Roundcube’s built-in markasjunk plugin has been merged with the markasjunk2 plugin developed by Philip Weir. If you didn’t know markasjunk2 already read more to understand what that means.

Most important change is the ability to mark messages as not junk. Depending on configuration this means moving messages back to the Inbox folder or just setting apropriate imap flags. So, depending on current context you’ll see Junk or Not Junk button in the toolbar (in multi-folder search mode there will be both).

It is also possible to use Mark popup menu instead of the toolbar.


Because the regular fire icon of Font-Awesome is non-free I had to use the “inbox” icon. This partially makes sense, because when you mark a message as not junk it will be moved back to the Inbox folder. I’m not happy with this, however. Any help about better iconography will be appreciated.

Another addition is a driver API that allows performing additional processing on each message when it is being marked as spam/ham. Several drivers are provided by default, they are:

  • cmd_learn: This driver calls an external command (for example salearn) to process the message,
  • dir_learn: This driver places a copy of the message in a predefined folder, for example to allow for processing later,
  • email_learn: This driver emails the message either as an attachment or directly to a set address,
  • sa_blacklist: This driver adds the sender address of a spam message to the users blacklist (or whitelist of ham messages). Requires SAUserPrefs plugin,
  • amavis_blacklist: This driver adds the sender address of a spam message to the users blacklist (or whitelist of ham messages). Requires Amacube plugin. Driver by Der-Jan,
  • sa_detach: If the message is a Spamassassin spam report with the original email attached then this is detached and saved in the Inbox, the spam report is deleted,
  • edit_headers: Edit the message headers. Headers are edited using preg_replace.

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  1. That is great, thank you for this information!

    I have another question and I can’t answer at your original post, because comments are closed there:
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