Calendar and Tasks for non-Kolab users

The great Calendar and Tasklist plugins from Kolab always contained additional drivers, so they could be used out of a Kolab setup (using SQL database as a storage). That part was never a priority for Kolab developers, but with Roundcube 1.4 and Elastic skin these plugins will be again available from in an up-to-date versions.

Having Roundcube 1.4.0 on horizon I worked on fixing most important bugs related to the sql driver in these plugins. I also updated plugin mirrors to most recent version. From now on, I’ll try to keep them up-to-date (synchronize whenever a new version is tagged in the Kolab repository).


In comparison with the older version known to Roundcube users, the new version requires libkolab plugin (when using composer it will be installed automatically). It does not support the old Classic skin, but it has a full support for Larry and Elastic.


As before any code contributions, bug and feature requests should go to

Did I mention it works with the Elastic skin? It means that you can have your calendar and tasks on a mobile device.


ps. To install that new version with composer you have to wait for the official release of Roundcube 1.4.0.


10 thoughts on “Calendar and Tasks for non-Kolab users

    1. The only CalDAV feature the plugins provide is access to iCal feed so you can access your Roundcube calendar/tasks from another client.


  1. By using the sqldriver, is the database structure compatible to SabreDAV? Or at least partially?


    1. I have no idea what SabreDAV database schema is. So, it’s probably not compatible, but I didn’t check.


  2. Tried manual install on 1.4.0RC2.
    Calendar works fine
    But, tasklist throws 500 error and the log shows:

    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’ in plugins/tasklist/drivers/database/tasklist_database_driver.php on line 425


      1. The patched version works fine. I did not test the user actions, but at least the error is gone.
        One question:

        Does kolab/libcalendering restrict sabre/vobject to 3.5.x?
        Asking as it would not allow sabre/vobject 4.x

        I am on PHP 7.2.x


      2. Yes. We still have to support PHP 5.4 (at Kolab). So, we’re not pushing for more recent sabre/vobject version, which probably will require also some code changes.


  3. Thanks.

    Here’s feedback on the dropdown selections (time).

    1. On the desktop (chrome latest version), the LOV opens downwards and it is impossible to see the last few records in the LOV (for example, cannot see timings after 17:00, unless I hit F11 to go in full-screen mode and even then not all timing is visible. So, a scroll is needed just as it is in the calendar timing LOV

    2. On mobile, it is fine as the time dropdown, one can scroll.

    This is for the tasklist.


    1. The article mentions where bug reports should go. I’ll not accept more bug reports on my blog. That’s not the proper channel.


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