A few small improvements

I’ll describe a few new features that will be included in the next main Roundcube version that is currently under development (1.6). Read more for details and some screenshots.

Improvements in plain text wrapping

I added a possibility to disable automatic line-wrapping of sent mail body.

I also improved auto-wrapping of plain text messages on preview and reply. All of this should solve all problems of power users that deal with inline patches (or other type of text that should not be wrapped).

The idea here is simple. Auto-wrap format=flowed messages, and do not do this for others. So, if you check “Keep formatting” option the mail will be sent as-is and without the format=flowed specifier.

An option to purge deleted mails older than X days

Another improvement is an additional option to the logout actions. Removing messages from Trash can now be based on a message age.

In addition, any folder hierarchy under the Trash folder will be cleaned in the same manner and sub-folders will be removed when empty.

Searching by sender includes use of Reply-To (Mail-Reply-To) and Followup-To (Mail-Followup-To) headers. At the same time I simplified the default look of the form. An average user does not have to know the mail headers, so we deal with “Sender” and “Recipient”. Using the dropdown button you have access to a more detailed selection (which I suppose almost nobody will use, but it’s there also for informational purposes).

All phone numbers in the address book are now displayed as tel: links. So, when on mobile (or on desktop if you have a tool for that) you can make a call with a click.

Undelete multiple messages at once

This feature is for users that instead of moving to Trash just mark messages as deleted (and do not make them hidden). Now you can undelete many messages in a single action. Before, it was possible via the message status icon only.


3 thoughts on “A few small improvements

  1. Thanks Alec, a pleasure to see news of dev! Interesting features notably search & undelete!


  2. Thanks for the great work…

    Real-time push notifications in Roundcube and Kolab would be awesome!


  3. Is there any scope for donations into Roundcube, as does K-9 so that more resources can be put in the development and thus more features?


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