Markasjunk and Markasjunk2 plugins merged

Very recently Roundcube’s built-in markasjunk plugin has been merged with the markasjunk2 plugin developed by Philip Weir. If you didn’t know markasjunk2 already read more to understand what that means.

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Elastic: Status bar for mail compose options on mobile

On mobile the mail composer options and attachments list is not visible from the main screen. To give the user a quick indication of most important options I created a status bar widget on the main screen.

In the future we can add some more icons, but for now there are the most important ones. The paper-clip icon indicates attached files. The other two indicate enabled Enigma’s sign and encrypt options. Clicking on any of them will move the user to Options and Attachments view.


Mattermost (chat) integration

These days a chat application is a must-have for a groupware system. Kolab did some work in that direction in the past, but that didn’t really give good results yet. So, on a customer request, we decided to try another approach and integrate an existing open source chat application (actually that’s what we usually do). Read more to see how that works and how it opens ways to integrate other chat applications more easily.

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