Sending contacts as vCards

There’s a lot about vCards in Roundcube. No surprise, this is simple and established open standard. Contacts import and export is based on it, as well as Roundcube’s internal format for contacts. There’s also the vcard_attachments plugin that adds some more functionality around vCard use.

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vCard in QR code

Another small feature that will be available in Roundcube 1.3. An option to display QR code image that consist a (limited) contact information. So, you can quickly share contact with any mobile device.

It looks there areĀ  a few standards for this, but I choose the well-known vCard format as a data encapsulated by the image. Many decent applications for mobile devices actually support this method. Let me know if this works or not for you.


Contact identicons

Identicons (avatars, sigils) are meant to give a recognizable image that identifies specified entity (e.g. contact person), like photos. So, when a contact photo is not available we could still have a kind of nice image that is unique for every contact (email address).

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Improvement in (free-busy) availability finder

When planning a meeting with other people in your organization you use Availability Finder widget. It’s granularity from the beginning was one hour, no less no more. On the other hand in Calendar view you could configure that granularity, i.e. number of slots in an hour.

My changeset that awaits a review will fix this inconsistence. As you see on the picture below the same granularity will be used both in calendar view and availability finder.

Without my fix the whole slot is busy/tentative no matter how long the existing events of the user would take. In this case the user is free from 08:00 to 08:30 and busy from 08:30 to 09:00. With my fix the whole one hour slot will be split into “sub-slots”, so you can plan the new event easier and with more precise timing.


This change also fixes issues of the selection box (the dark rectangle at 06:30-07:00 above). Its moves on Previous/Next Slot action were a little bit unexpected sometimes. Now it’s more precise and uses the same granularity.

“Mark all as read” option

It was already possible to mark selected messages as read, but it required a few clicks. Looks like many people prefer single-click action for this particular case. Probably because other mail clients have it or maybe it’s just a very common action.

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New options for compose attachments

I just added a set of improvements in mail compose window. Attachments list was extended with possibility to open and download uploaded files. The new menu contains also an option to rename already attached file.

This makes the attachments list in mail preview and in compose more unified. Previewing and downloading files is already handled with the same code. As with the mail preview page, plugins can add their options to the menu.